Mintra factories are multidisciplinary and operate in a wide variety of areas of business.

“Mintra” brand communicates and assures product quality and affordability, whether it is a home, stationary, leather, or even sports product. Our factories and product ranges are continuously expanding to offer you the latest innovations and guarantee customer satisfaction.


We are world leaders in manufacturing school and office supplies, having established a well renowned brand and highly advanced factories. 

Home & Kitchen

Wide variety of colourful, functional and durable daily use products – decorative kitchen accessories and articles, which allow to create a beautiful setting for any party, outdoor meeting or child’s birthday. Made from BPA free polypropylene, which is also dishwasher resistant. Certified for contact with food.


Functional and colourful flower pots and garden accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

School / College Kits

We offer a wide variety of high quality, colorful, and convenient school and college kits. These include different sized backpacks, pencil cases, water bottles, cooling lunch bags and lunch boxes.

New products

Kitchen Utensils

Certified for contact with food plastic serving spoons, slotted spatula, ladle, pasta servers or sets of four pieces. Beautifully designed products, made from BPA free polypropylene, which is also dishwasher resistant.

Stool Chairs

Colourful and practical household articles. The wide offer includes stool chairs in ten shades, two sizes and with a rubber grip. They are stackable, thus easy to store.

Folding Chairs

Foldable chairs built for maximum comfort. Combination of an attractive modern style and the practical wide seat and taller back, which supports ergonomic seating. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


Multi-purpose microfiber towels – for glass and floor, for bathroom and kitchen, for car and house use. Environmentally friendly – microfiber uses less water to clean, no chemicals to remove bacteria and being washable diminishes the need for paper towels.


Stylish and super soft blankets in a wide variety of colours will help you to stay warm on a chilly evening, protect your furniture from dirt or simply revive your room.

DIY Clocks

Smart solutions for home and office use. Follow our guide or use your imagination to create your own modifications and shapes and obtain a unique wall decoration.


A wide variety of colourful bags in three dimensions. Comfortable and joyful to wear.

Multi-use pouch

Multi-use pouches in a wide variety of colours. Keep your small items organized in your bag.

Pencil Case

A colourful family of pencil cases to keep your writing items organized in the bag.

Drawing paper

Drawing paper best for ink, pencil charcoal and felt-tip drawing, gouache, cutting, sanguine in a variety of formats and thickness. For artists and amateurs.