Real value doesn’t come from a supplier. It comes from a partner.

We’re more than a supplier: we’re a partner that provides a competitive advantage, a partner that can deliver consistent quality and superior service, a partner that fuels innovation to foster real, sustainable growth.

Mintra Quality


In 2006, Mintra has conducted research to find a substitute for tree’s pulp in manufacturing paper to help save forests. After tremendous investigation, Mintra discovered a factory in Upper Egypt that was producing paper from bagasse (sugarcane residues). Ever since, Mintra has been introducing new environmental-friendly products labeled with two trees to remind of the importance of saving trees. All Mintra paper products holding the ”Two Trees” Label are guaranteed to be made from sugarcane residues for up to 80%.


The goal of Mintra is to offer you practical solutions so that the products are handy and easy to use.

Quality and Safety

All the materials used in our products have been carefully chosen to meet with your quality standards. The metal wires used in our products’ components have been carefully chosen to comply with the health & safety standards and respect the DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of lead and other certain hazardous substances. All products are free from phthalate, conforming with DIN EN 71-3 and to the standard ASTM F963 Heavy Metals Test so you dont have to worry who is in contact with our products.


As an Egyptian company , Mintra approaches its surrounding community by taking steps toward support ing the Egyptian society. In 2009, Mintra decided to direct its attention and care towards children in great distress. In order to do so, Mintra and the Lycee Francais du Caire (LFC) thought about using the drawings of the school’s students and Mintra technologies to create and print a calendar to be sold by the pupils in the benefit of these children. This approach is a pa of the Mintra social responsibili ty program and vision to help the Egyptian community.


Mintra has an innovation team that is always creating new designs and products to meet your diversified tastes. We care to put in your hands sophisticated products where you get more value than expected.

Mintra’s History

The history of Mintra goes back to 1964 when it was a publishing house for scientific books called the Egyptian Book House (EBH) created by Mr. Selim A. Cassis.

In 1976, EBH entered the binding and laminating market by importing these products and selling them in the Egyptian market. Later on, in the late 80s, the Egyptian government started encouraging the Egyptian producers and stopped companies from importing finished goods. This decision encouraged Mr. Selim A. Cassis to create in 1989 its first factory in 6th of October City and named it Misr for industry and Trade (Mintra) as per the suggestion of Mr. Ahmed Ghoneim, general attorney at the time and a close friend of the Cassis family.

This factory would produce its own binding and laminating products for the Egyptian market and started to export to France in 1990 to Lamirel Co. (lately acquired by Fellows USA). This step put Mintra on the production platform.

In 1997, and due to its expansion, Mintra build a factory in Nasr City, where it updated its machinery and entered the filing production market which included lever arch files and invested in Polypropylene extrusion and its products: PP ring binders, folders, box holders besides PVC welding.

In 2003, Mintra invaded the notebooks market using its in-house PP and Binding machines to produce covers and wires used in notebooks. Mintra’s marketing team would create attractive designs all over the year and the flow of notebooks started flowing from Mintra factory to students, professionals and every person in permanent search of innovation and quality among Egyptian products to be proud.

Now, Mintra exports 88% of its production to the United States, Europe and Africa while holding the label “Made in Egypt / Fabriqué en Egypte / صنع في مصر