Real value doesn’t come from a supplier. It comes from a partner.

We’re more than a supplier: we’re a partner that provides a competitive advantage, a partner that can deliver consistent quality and superior service, a partner that fuels innovation to foster real, sustainable growth.

Quality and Safety

Mintra is a leading company in the manufacturing of office supplies, paper products,homeware plastic utensils, bags, metal furniture,leather office products, and athletic footwear. Due to its possession of accumulated long experience, and keeping up with the latest technological developments to provide products at a high quality level through the commitment of its employees to achieve consistent and continuous customer satisfaction
and match the optimum cost to customers.

To achieve the strategic objectives of the company to be in the lead, it pursued a scientific method by developing a quality management system which is consistent with the requirements of International Standard Specifications ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.

It also provides a healthy working environment and is working to broaden the base and extensive presence in world markets.

Therefore, it is committed to the following:

• Meet customer needs, expectations, and demands of the best      quality level and competitive prices.
• The optimal use of its capabilities and resources.
• Compliance with all laws and regulations, health, safety and         environment, and occupational health whenever applicable.
• Work on the safety of all employees and clients.
• Follow a scientific approach to quality management and   occupational health and safety,documentation, and       implementation ensuring its continuation and training of all   employees so that it is compatible with the requirements of   specifications ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.
• Develop strategies and goals for quality, safety and   occupational health to ensure continuous improvement and   also measure and review its performance regularly.
• Evaluate employees annually at the level of performance in   quality, safety and occupational health.
• Review and update the policy periodically to keep up with the   company’s goals.
• This policy is available to all.


Misr for Industry and Trade (Mintra), the leading company in the manufacturing of office supplies and paper products, plans to establish a department of environmental affairs based on the principles and foundations of international specification “ISO 14001:2015” where the company must adhere to the prevention or reduction of pollution resulting from work operation to the permissible limits whether air emissions, falling particles on the ground, wastewater or industrial drainage. The company must also adhere to all environmental laws and regulations and other legal requirements relating to important environmental substances. The company must also adhere to rationalize consumption of resources and energy and work on continuous improvement to maximize the effectiveness of environmental management system and efficient environmental performance and also to develop the green areas around the factory to increase the proportion of oxygen and absorb part of the carbon dioxide.

The company has also developed a framework for the objectives of the environment related to the important environmental effects which are compatible with the company’s environmental management and emphasizes the protection of the environment from pollution to enable us building effective environmental management system that meets the requirements of international specification “ISO 14001:2015”  and Law No. 4 of 1994.This policy is stated internally and externally.